Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh - My - God

Hey, the party went well. My words were somewhat coherent, and I think even inspiring. I talk too much though. I've got to learn to speak more concisely.

Anyway the SAK Company party went very well. A good turn out - still quite a few not present. When it was time to talk I wasn't nervous like I thought I might be. I think I'd run it through pretty many times in my head - what I wanted to say. I never really memorize these things which is why they can sometimes ramble - I remember something halfway through that I meant to get in there, so I weave it in. As I began speaking my first instinct was to pray - for SAK for the group, for our audiences. I don't know what people think when I pray like that. I don't say "Jesus" generally when I pray among the SAK family, but I do pray to God. I really don't know what else I can do. I really understand and believe that SAK is in God's hands. No matter what happens, I trust that it is God's will.

I did make a point to mention to everyone that if we find we must make/take serious or drastic measures to deal with our situation, that will view it as "suspending operations" and not "closing down" or "closing the doors for good," those kinds of things. It is my vision and intent that if we cannot stay in our current location SAK will spring up somewhere. Again, wherever the Lord may have for us. I intend for us to do that if necessary in celebration. That's going to be a great challenge. Actors love to feel the pain of the moment. I guess it helps us do what we do. Seems like we love to wallow in the sorrowful things. We will certainly cry if it comes to that, we will grieve, but most importantly we will CELEBRATE!!!!

So, to finish how this started, I felt very pleased as I went home from the company party. I am continually humbled by this group of people.