Thursday, February 03, 2011


Well today marks a milestone for SAK. We have finally secured a beer and wine license. The process was not as complicated as I had expected, although the hurdles to overcome still took us a couple of months. In fact, it was several months into our first year that we were finally able to concentrate on the effort to get the license. Now more hurdles to make sure we are as compliant as we need to be in order to serve and sell legally at the SAK Concession stand. I think we have all the ducks in a row. This will certainly test our core audience and clientele. We do not know for sure if our regulars will still be regular for us if we have beer and wine available. we hope they will still come, but the move seemed more than necessary to attract more folks to the SAK Comedy Lab. I am surprised how many people do not come to SAK simply because we do not have beer and wine available. If we lose patrons who are upset that we now serve beer and wine I will truly feel sorry. If we had enough of those folks coming on a regular basis, filling our seats to the projections we laid forth when we moved in, we would probably have not needed to consider it as we did when we did. We shall see. I think if nothing else if will be kind of nice after a show to enjoy a beer with my fellow performers without having to gather at one or other of the bars in downtown. I don't want to avoid those places completely, but it will be nice to have a beer right in our own place.