Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer's Out for School

Summer over already??? And now it's time for School??? My goodness time flies when you're having kids. This summer blew by like a real hurricane, not that imposter Fay. (Well, for us in Orlando anyway). All it meant for us was an unplanned extension of summer vacation with no child care and no opportunity to swim in the pool. At least it's Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday mom.

We were supposed to drive down to Miami today (just Morgan and I), celebrate her birthday and do a SAK seminar on Wednesday for Brown University. A free date night on Mom's birthday with an overnight hotel stay in Miami on someone else's dime? AND a per diem covered meal? Are you kidding? Awesome way to spend her birthday. But alas, Fay had different plans. The gig postponed, the county closed the schools. We are relegated to Jade for dinner. Don't get me wrong, we love Jade - Asian/Fusion delicious. Our neighborhood favorite. But we were planning for something a little more - um, not with the kids.

So the children had one day of school and then a hurricane day now to be made up in October. And only gentle winds and light rain so far for us in Orlando. The kiddos looked great for their first day. Marina proclaimed - "I'm excited, Walker's nervous." Indeed she was. What a delight to see her in such a mood. Indeed Walker was. Not sure why, maybe just first day back jitters. He did fine once on school grounds.

Marina is not with her best friend Abbey for the first time in their elementary and preschool history. They both seem to be adjusting okay. Well, here's to another year of school fun.

Have fun kiddos. Mommy and Daddy love you.