Friday, November 26, 2010

Parking "Whoa's"

Seems like every move forward has its complimentary setback, minor or major. SAK is very fortunate to enjoy the ability to offer parking validation for our guests at the Cinema Plaza Parking garage, which is conveniently located right across the street from SAK. There are other parking possibilities, but the Plaza is the most convenient. It seems also, however, it is the most confusing and complicated of the options - or at least until you learn how to navigate it properly.

We have recently learned that the restaurants at the Plaza no longer validate your parking ticket - but SAK still does!! The best news is if SAK is a part of your evening's entertainment you only pay $4 to park. Even if you go to a Magic Game on Friday or Saturday and see the 11:30pm show at SAK you will only pay $4 at the Plaza. This is GOOD NEWS we need to spread!

It is unclear who designed the engineering marvel, but chances are the designers and engineers all drive nothing but Smart Cars (or have lived in Manhattan all their lives). You have to be an expert driver to maneuver through the windy spirals and tight curves and corners your first time. Then there's the labyrinth of elevators, floor letters and numbers and payment options.

We have found through extensive research (and parking there every day) the following best best bets, hints and tips:
  • If you're going to SAK or other downtown location park on levels 3 or above. These levels are reserved during the day but at night they are the best bet. The elevators on these floors will take you directly into the Plaza common ground level (plaza) area.
  • NOTE:  Levels 2A, 2B and 2C will take you to an elevator on Church and Court and you will undoubtedly feel lost.
  • When you exit, you can conveniently get to your car from the same plaza level elevators.
  • Always return to the same elevator you arrived on.
  • When exiting, if you're paying with credit card - bypass all the payment machines! You don't have to hassle with them unless you're paying cash for your parking. We recommend credit card payment. Not only more convenient but you get a receipt.
  • Credit card payment can happen easily and conveniently from your car as you are exiting. Put in your parking ticket (validated if you've been to SAK and you only pay $4), put in your credit card, wait for your receipt after your credit card comes out and you're on your way!