Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm Not Running Away

I'm running away. Well, not for an elongated period of time, but for awhile. Oh, and Rob's running away too. For a couple of days. This Friday marks the first day of my family vacation. For two weeks we will be basking in the Florida sun in Ormond Beach at a rented condo. This seems like a weird time to be going away, with all the initiatives just launched, but it's a train that's got momentum and can't be stopped. Actually, I don't want to stop it. I can't imagine stopping it.

At SAK it's always difficult to be gone for several days. Every day something new, exciting and wonderful happens. If you could hear the tone of my voice as those words come forth you'd hear the steaming sarcasm. Of course that really means aggravating, frustrating, and maddening. When it rains - like it did today, we get leaks. They come and fix them, but somewhere/somehow, it finds its way to leak again. Our network goes down, we don't know why. It comes back up, we don't know why.

So this vacation will be a welcome distancing from all that. I'll only be in Ormond, so if there is some great emergency, I can get back if necessary. Alberto has already passed, not quite a hurricane. Can you believe it? The first weather system of the year, and it becomes a named storm! Whoopeee!

I need to let it go for awhile. I'll still blog - probably some will be audioblogs, but won't that be fun - Dave blogs from the beach. I love technology!!!!

Rob's going to New York with Robyn Pedretti and Mark Baratelli, and his name doesn't even end with a pair of consonants and a vowel.

Seems lately every step forward is accompanied by one or two steps back. There are great and valuable lessons to be learned through all this. Perseverence, industriousness. Mantra words for my life. How many times have I been there? I believe it is building strong character within me.



Rob Gone Mild said...

My new name as of today will be Rob Wardetti. Good to know i'm not the only one who ets a little nervous when I leave town, but at least SAK is in good hands in our abscence.