Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Start Spreadin' the Germs...

I was in lovely New York City Monday before last auditioning actors for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club show I'm directing at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Seems like everybody loves New York. I like New York - and there are some things that could be considered lovely. But New York is dank, musty, smelly and dirty! Don't get me wrong, I love New York - just, not really. I was there on the kind of deal I love to be in New York on. Fly in to JFK, taxi to the Royalton Hotel on 44th, just north of Times Square, across from the infamous Algonquin Hotel where the infamous gathering used to take place - the Algonquin Round Table. All on Disney's dime. (I'd never be able to afford the kind of accomodations I did if I was on my own). Down the street was Times Square, with all the lights, flashing marquees in all their splendor. When you look up New York is FABULOUS. But when you watch where you're going, New York is dirty and stanky. Who could believe a place with all this money, all this noteriety, all this class - would look and smell like such a dump.

I've decided New York should be neutralized from 30 inches to the ground. Thirty inches and above - New York's beautiful. 30 inches and below - New York could be torched and washed into the yucky gutters.

Of course I don't live there and I have no idea what kinds of challenges they are up against, so I probably have no business talking about it, but with all the technology and industrious thinking we have in this country, it seems someone could come up with a way (and a profitable one too) to alleviate the process of littering the streets with bags and bags of garbage!!!

Okay enough soap box. New York might be a great city to live and work in if you had a lot of money.

On at least a slightly more positive note, however, my entire travel tour was quite pleasant and without delays. I flew to Los Angeles the Wednesday previous, then L.A. to New York (JFK) on Sunday, then out of LaGuardia on Tuesday. No huge delays in New York city cabs, gentle driving up the 405 and across the 101 to Glendale, only a few minute wait at Security in all the above listed airports, no wait to check in at Skycap. I had planned even extra time (always a challenge for me) because of the recent security level hike after the foiled liquid bomb plot in Britain. Cracking down and limiting the items allowed for carry-on have really streamlined the system. I say Kudos to that!! I will gladly check more bags for that ease of travel.