Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sweet SixteenTwenty Eight

Vegas was a hoot! We had some great shows, and it was a ton of fun. There's something strange that happens going from Orlando and Walt Disney World to the Las Vegas strip. It's all the same or similar production value - lots of lights, lots of sound equipment, lots of stimuli. But the rating is very different. PG on the one side to NC-17 on the other. From the Happiest Place on Earth to Debauchery City.

At the shows was Jason Earles. You may not recognize the name. Especially if you don't have kids. But he plays Jackson on Hannah Montana on the Disney channel. My kids watch the show all the time. If you haven't seen the Disney channel they shoot maybe 24 episodes or so and then they play episodes 4 times every day or so. So you get to know the people very well. In addition, Disney is champion at cross marketing and cross promoting. All their "stars" make appearances on various other Disney Channel shows, have been involved in the Disney Channel Games, etc.

Jason and the Production Manager came back to the Green Room after the shows. They are friends of one of the guys on the Wayne Brady production team who also does the warm up for Hannah Montana. They were very impressed that I knew so much about them and about their show. Apparently kids get glued to the Disney channel, but the parents don't know it at all. Lucky me though, they loved the Vegas shows and thought I was funny, so I got to get some autographed pics of the guy and Daddy was a huge hit with the kids.

Of course the most impressive thing to me was the fact that Jason plays Hannah's brother - a 16 year old teen - and they were telling me this guy's actually 27 years old and married. What!!!! At first I felt horrible for considering divulging the truth about that on my blog, but I looked him up on imdb and it's all right there for anyone to see. Born in 1977. Love that Hollywood where we can't find any suitable 16 year olds to play a 16 year old. In fact there are no suitable 18 year olds. 22 year olds. As it appears, not even a 26 year old could pull it off.


Kate O'Neal said...

1977. Wouldn't that make him 29 going on 30? He could be Hannah's FATHER!