Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To Vegas or Not To Vegas?

How can it be? Over a week since my last entry? Not a very compelling blog if there's only a new post once a week or so. My friend Mark Baratelli has offered some tips and hints for successful blogging and I am a very eager and willing student. I'll bet his first lesson will be "You gotta blog every day - or almost every day!" Note taken - even before it is given.

Today's topic is more of a canundrum. I got a call yesterday from Jonathan Mangum (SAK alumni, 1993-1996) saying Wayne (Brady) wants to know if I can do some Vegas dates in August in Jonathan's stead. It happens periodically that Jonathan has other commitments when Wayne has dates booked and often times I am able to fill in. The dates are August 18 and 19 and I'd have to break another performance commitment here in Orlando not to mention I would be gone on my wife's birthday.

I hate opportunities that become such crazy and personal decisions. I have done several Wayne Brady road shows and the Vegas dates are definitely among the most fun. The Mirage Hotel is a great venue - the Danny Ganz Theater - is really well-suited to this kind of performance. It is always of course good press to boast appearances with Wayne Brady. It is actual and truthful news with a direct Florida/SAK/Dave angle and frankly a great way to remind people of the SAK/Wayne Brady connection. Plus I really have a great time in the shows. Wayne's got a trio of musicians that travel with him and they are all wonderful guys.


Pretentious Fucks Alliance said...

You seem to make a pretty good argument for why you SHOULD break your engagements and go do the Wayne Brady thing... I know it's only been 8 hours since this post, but I'd like to see what your decision was, either in a comment or in another post. Then you could have more than one post in the same day! ::GASP::