Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Promising Future?

Well, the biggest revelation I have for today is it's really hard to blog consistently. I can't believe how fast days go by since we have been back from vacation. I am having post vacation something or other stress. I want to be back on the beach. I think I could do that for quite a long time and not get too tired out. Granted, there was wireless internet access from the Activity Center and since our room was right above the Activity Center... You do the math, but I can tell you my frowns always turned upside down when I could get online right there in our room looking out at the beach.

Isn't that a sin? To be online at the beach? Well, with all the SAK stuff and Disney stuff that was happening it was a life saver. In my opinion spending an hour or two here and there online made it possible for me to actually stay away for 2 weeks. I have been fantasizing about how I could do everything I ever need to do online. Then I could live at the beach or on a lake. Oh well, isn't that everybody's dream?

I had a meeting today with Pat Delacona of the Downtown Development Board and Cassie Turiczek of the Downtown Arts District - D.A.D. as they're called. I met with DAD today. I was joining Jim Morris of the Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance. I can't really talk about some of the things we discussed as it is not the right time, but I can say that I was very heartened at the meeting. There does seem to be a genuine support (among these folks at least) for SAK. Both had said they have a great desire to keep SAK downtown. That makes me glad. I too would love for us to be downtown - that's where our roots are - and I'd love to see us in a much higher traffic and higher profile area.

(The picture you see shows the last vestiges of our original home. The old Lawyer's Title Building at 45 East Church Street on Church and Pine. Now a giant condo building.)

We discussed what SAK's needs are and what SAK's desires are. It will be exciting to see what these prospects might turn into. I have to keep myself from being over-excited. I have to remember that these are prospects. For these to turn into reality a lot needs to happen and a number of City officials have to join in support. I am also encouraged by the fact that City Hall and the Mayor's Office are familiar with SAK - a goal of ours this year. We performed at the Mayor's CityKidz event and it went very well. They were very pleased. I even got a phone message afterward from Mayor Buddy Dyer! Wish I could add that recording as a post but I'd probably need like - permission, or something. More news to follow as it develops.


robyn said...

yay! i found your blog! thanks for getting me to are wonderful dave, we're all behind you and want sak to is our 'home away from home' and you're our 'big daddy'!!! :) thanks for all your hard work, i'm glad you had a nice get back to the grind, big daddy...

The Daily City® said...


There is a way to save your phone messages as mp3s. Go to and sign up. It's free. Then you can send the mayor the actual voice mil in an email and ask if you can use it. That way, they know exactly what it sounds like and might be more likely to allow it's use.


Pretentious Fucks Alliance said...

Yeah Mark! Technology for the masses.