Friday, May 23, 2008

From the Archives

Saw this video on my old hard drive. This was from almost a year ago, doing a show with Wayne Brady at the Venetian in Las Vegas. It was actually a very fun audience environment scene. When you're in Vegas, you get audience volunteers like this lady who's wearing close to nothing. At SAK, not so much. And, I also get to make a wonderful racist reference to an old Chinese Woman who works in a laundromat. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past.

We're now in official summer vacation mode with the kids out of school for the next (90?) days. We look forward to many fun hours in the pool. I guess I never mentioned on this blog - We got that house we were looking at late last year. We closed on the 17th of December and that night we all camped out on the wood floors and made S'mores in the backyard fire pit. We then moved in on Christmas Eve and had Christmas morning in the new house. Yippee. We still have our other house which we didn't sell.

We've done some fixing and now we're renting it out. House to our good friends Tim and Alice Bass and the apartment to wonderful Denna, our SAK House Manager. We did a good deal of work on the house and apartment in the first part of the year, stepping into the uncharted territory (for us) of home remodeling and general contracting. I guess I would say it all went pretty smooth considering what it might have been, especially knowing as little as I do about renovating. New roofs, new AC/Heat, electric and plumbing updates, new cabinets and some additional remodeling in the apartment as well as redoing the floors. 3 months of time and $45,000 later - whew!! Now we've got to sell it in the next 3 years so we can avoid Capital Gains taxes on the transaction.