Wednesday, August 08, 2007

LIVE! in Italy - I Mean Vegas...

Got to do another show with Wayne - this time at the Venetian. Looks like Italy, but it's Vegas. Complete with gondola rides, singing gondoliers, and a 25,000 sq. ft. casino. Just like in Venice. Wayne's got a 3 to 6 month engagement there. 5 shows a week, Thursday through Sunday. Jonathan had other business and I was available. As usual I love doing the Wayne shows. It's a little more energy to fly in day of, do the show that night, and fly out the next morning, but it's always good to pick up these opportunities when I can. The shows are fun and it's great to see Wayne, as well as Cat and Trent (his permanent band members). The room is actually really good for improv. Wayne does some straight song and dance in this show, as well as a bunch of improv.

When I go to Vegas I always cruise the casino floor, but never seem to have the energy to lay some money down. Really can't afford to lose anything, so I just watch.

One good thing of note - this time I was able to get some video of the show, so in subsequent posts look for some video trinkets featuring me - (and Wayne) of course - in the show. For now, all I have is this little slide show of some pics from the show.

Enjoy, and look for those videos - right here - very soon...