Monday, June 19, 2006


It's too hot. It's too humid.

But every once in a while, the beauty and joy of living this close to the ocean and tropical weather shines its face on us. I'm amazed how we can spend the entire day - I'm talking 8-9 hours - living, playing, eating, and "working" on the beach. When children are busy playing, building and creating you can see the beautiful concentration on their faces. It's all so very important. Each hole dug, each grain of sand displaced. They can be occupied for hours on a single project - a project which will offer no sign of their efforts in the morning. And that's okay, because a new project is begun that day, maybe a repeat of yesterday's project, with lessons learned, improvements made. The total acceptance of the expected futility does nothing to dampen spirits or enthusiasm, or the energy with which the task is undertaken. Somewhere along the way many of us lose that discipline. If we can't see a lasting outcome, or a result that will benefit us in some what we think is a lasting way, we do it half-assed. Or maybe that's not true, but do we do it full-assed? (Never used THAT term before!) Something to think about. To what ass do you do things? To what ass-degree do those around us do things?


DennaRenee said...

I love that photo! Glad to see you and the fam are having fun!