Thursday, June 08, 2006

Help Save SAK

Wow. I've helped create a monster! Now that the HelpSaveSak campaign has been launched, all hell is breaking loose.

I knew this would happen, and to a certain extent it is all unavoidable. A flood of concerned patrons and friends and others chiming in with how sad they are that things are so dire. I've never seen the word dire used so much as I have in the past couple of days. And then of course, there are the ideas and suggestions. I love them all, don't get me wrong, but man, what a pile! It'll take weeks to pour through them all.

All this to save our poor little SAK. Oh well, I am more than glad. Yes, it's true. I have a heart for this ol' SAK. This silly bunch of improvisers has lasted many storms over the years, through good times and bad, thick and thin, controversy and heresy (metaphorically AND literally). Why do I care so much? What's the point?

Well, my answer comes when I stand in the theater - the SAK Comedy Lab. When its filled with people from 8 to 80 and the show goes on and the laughter and energy and smiling... It's just awesome. I just LOVE what it does for the audience. And I have to admit, when it does that for the audience - it does something for me. It fills me with joy to see joy abound.

So I want it to continue. Much of this blog will be devoted to my journey through all of that. It will include SAK stuff, Disney stuff, family stuff, spiritual stuff... All that because all those things are all wrapped together for me.

If at any point you're interested in helping save SAK, there's a ton of things you might consider. Go to for lots of great ideas.



The Daily City® said...

People are passionate about SAK, so when SAK asks for help, be ready for it. I'd hate to see ideas fall by the wayside just because they got lost in the piles of ideas. I hope they were all saved. Share some of them with us. I am curious and I am sure others are as well. What did we, as a family, come up with?


The Daily City® said...

And those ideas you might think are totally insane, might be doable if you ask the right person and talk to the right people about them. At the root of every idea, something can be used.

David Russell said...

I hear you brutha!
I too am overjoyed there is a pile. I too hope they won't fall by the wayside. I'll definitely share some of the collective pile as it were.